I am a writer.

Wow, it feels good to just say that. I have a day job as a secretary and plenty of other responsibilities, but when I begin a sentence “I am”, the first words I finish it with is “a writer”.

Yeah, I’ve only had one short story traditionally published, and one anthology published as an ebook. I’ve spent most of my life writing for my own entertainment, mostly fanfic. (And I’m not ashamed of it, either.) The point is, I’ve spent most of my life writing. It’s what I do to make myself high; it’s what satisfies my soul on the deepest level; it’s the one thing I’m driven to do. I love to talk about writing. I read books about writing. I wallow gleefully in words.

I read, too. Constantly. I believe that good writers are also great readers. When I find an author I like, I wallow in their words, rejoicing even as I enjoy. I read many genres – fantasy, romance, mysteries, historical fiction, non-fiction – and will read nearly anything I get in my hands, up to and including cereal boxes. When I was a little kid, I didn’t play with dolls, I read comic books.

So, I’m a writer. You figured that part out. I write fantasy stories under my own name, and Regency romances under the name Catherine Dove. (Miss Dove maintains her own identity on the Web, so here, you’ll only get me.) Although I’m nearly old enough to retire from the day job, I’m just now getting myself geared up for doing the near-impossible tasks of (a) finishing one of the books I’ve started, (b) getting an agent, and (c) getting onto the bookshelves.

I’ll be talking about myself a bit here, but mostly I’ll be talking about writing. Because that’s my obsession.

But, hey, don’t go thinking I’m some kind of pompous elitist snob! Two of my favorite things that don’t involve words are chocolate and beer. I love animals. I watch movies. I’m more comfortable in a diner than a four-star restaurant, and I drive a Honda Civic. I love Stephen King, not Kurt Vonnegut. I also have a good sense of humor which I freely use. No, really!



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