Football season has started! Once more I get to sit in front of the TV for 3+ hours on every Sunday, crocheting an afghan and watching grown men pound each other and run around like idiots, all in pursuit of an oviod, inflated piece of pigskin. hee.

I’ve been a fan for about 25 years or so, dating back to when a guy-friend finally explained the rules in a way I understood. Back then I lived in Maryland, so after a brief fling with having the Eagles as my favorite team, I gave in to the craze and adopted the Redskins as my fave. Anyone who knows anything about football can guess that, despite having left Maryland in 1984, I am still a Redskins fan.

The only two drawbacks to football season (leaving out such things as player injuries) are:
1) it seriously cuts into my writing time, and
2) most players weigh less than I do, which is depressing.

Otherwise, I love it. The drama, the strategies, the personalities, the competition. I even love being a die-hard Redskins fan in the Dallas area.

I shall now leave, as I know that none of my friends shares this ridiculous passion, so I don’t want to carry on. Off to watch the Redskins play the Saints!



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