Due to circumstances in my life – long commute, bad job, early retirement, disabled roomie – I’ve neglected my life on the Web. Not that I was ever that active, but in the recent past, I’ve been invisible. That’s going to change.

Nano is coming on Sunday, and I plan to be there. I’ll be trying to complete the story that I tried, and failed, to write over the last two Nanos. This time, I have higher hopes that I’ll make that 50K.

The story is about Shak, a man whose tragic past has turned his life into a slow, steady quest for revenge, and how his life is turned around when he is given temporary charge of two children. The kids lead him into danger with warring armies and with elves – not the Tolkienish kind, more like aliens in fact.

Despite all the time that has passed, I’m still excited about this story. I love the characters and how they interact.

So, wish me luck!



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