The first draft of The Path of the Dragonfly is finished at long last. I put the last line down on May 25th. The line says “He was followed by a golden dragonfly, soaring and dipping in the sharp wind, even though it was far too late in the year for dragonflies.” And yeah, it was a happy ending, as all my endings are.

The last half of this story, after the midpoint, really went at a gallop for me. Instead of my usual procrastinating, I was writing whenever I got the chance. Instead of my usual once-a-day writing session, I did two or three. It was intense. I hope my readers find it that way, and like what happens with all the characters.

For the entertainment of my roomie, who deserves it after all her encouragement of this story, I am doing little short stories about the characters’ lives away from the novel. These are plot-free and mostly romances, since both of us like the whole “Who did he marry? How many kids did he have?” thing. But they also fill in some gaps in what is told about the characters in the story itself. When these are finished, I’ll make them available¬†for whoever is interested.

I’m going to give it another week to percolate. Then I begin the editing process. The timetable on this book got all screwed up, so I’ll have an “official” timetable next to me when I do rewrites. I’ll also draw a more accurate map. So, I have a few more weeks, maybe a couple of months, before Shak and his story are ready to go to my publisher.

But it’s finished!



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