I took a little vacation from writing, and spent lots of fun hours with my Playstation and an old favorite, Kingdom Hearts. But now I’m back to work. I’ve finished the rewrite on The Path of the Dragonfly (until the rest of my beta readers send me their comments, that is), so now I’m tackling… Read More

It’s 3 AM on July 7th. I just finished the edit/rewrite of The Path of the Dragonflies. Or is it Dragonfly? I’m too sleepy to remember. (Note to self – fix that. Pick a title and stick with it.) I have plenty to do tomorrow. I’m going to re-set my Camp Nanowrimo goal and do… Read More

I’ve finished my first 28 pages, and I’m ahead on my goal, but WOW has this been hard. I started this story three years ago, and not even Scrivener could prevent me from making huge errors. I was having characters take days to go 10 miles, or going 150 miles in a day. I had… Read More