I’ve finished my first 28 pages, and I’m ahead on my goal, but WOW has this been hard. I started this story three years ago, and not even Scrivener could prevent me from making huge errors. I was having characters take days to go 10 miles, or going 150 miles in a day. I had them heading east when they needed to go north. I never gave much thought to the religions of this world, or its laws and customs. I basically filled all that in on the fly, and now I’m paying the price. Not that I mind. I love the work, even if it is hard.

But it’s funny, too. I’ve never had to do this before. I have 6 programs open all the time – the document itself, Scrivener, CC3 and Powerpoint for mapping, Excel for the timeline, and Media Player for white noise. I’ll zip along for two or three pages, and then I have to stop and make changes to the document, the timeline, the map, and/or my reference notes. Sometimes all of them. Today I spent hours on two pages.

Oddly enough, my “appendices” (little vignettes of the characters outside of the story line) have helped me fill in a lot of the geography, laws, and customs. These tales are nothings, but I have enjoyed writing them.

I shouldn’t complain. It’s a good story (if I do say so myself), and this edit/rewrite is satisfying work. Hard, but satisfying. I should have a bumper sticker on my car, “I’d rather be writing.”



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