It’s 3 AM on July 7th. I just finished the edit/rewrite of The Path of the Dragonflies. Or is it Dragonfly? I’m too sleepy to remember. (Note to self – fix that. Pick a title and stick with it.)

I have plenty to do tomorrow. I’m going to re-set my Camp Nanowrimo goal and do an edit on the appendices to this story. I need to finish my map, mostly removing the markers I used to trace my characters’ journey. Then I need to contact my beta readers to see if they are willing to read it for me.

Something interesting. I discovered that my books are no longer available anywhere but at Amazon. My publisher, Writers Exchange E-Publishing, decided to go that route. Also, it turns out that they haven’t been accepting submissions for three years. eep! I’ve been out of contact for so long, I didn’t know that. I didn’t know they had a blog and a Facebook page. But luckily I discovered all this, so when this book is ready for submission, I’ll be up to date on WEE’s news. Oh, yeah – they started taking submissions again in June.



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