Nano, day 11, and I only have 8,488 words. I need 8,819 more just to catch up with my goal. Aaaagh! This was on my Facebook feed. I’m a long way from here with my current WIP, but boy, did I feel this way when I wrote the last sentence of The Path of the… Read More

I lost two days this week, so I’m behind in my word count, but I’m catching up. I wrote more than 3700 words yesterday! The story is starting to come together, thanks to the addition of a new character, Teeg, and a few twists that naturally I’m not going to share. I was puzzled and… Read More

National Novel Writing Month is now 45 minutes old. Many Nano writers begin their novels at midnight, but me, I’m going to bed so that I’ll be fresh and ready to go tomorrow. I’ll be doing another fantasy this year. By request, I am doing a sequel to The Path of the Dragonfly. The title… Read More