I lost two days this week, so I’m behind in my word count, but I’m catching up. I wrote more than 3700 words yesterday! The story is starting to come together, thanks to the addition of a new character, Teeg, and a few twists that naturally I’m not going to share.

I was puzzled and bothered by my first 1K+ words. They were an intro to the main character, which was what they were supposed to be. They were seen from her POV, with her reactions, which should be OK. Yet somehow I ended up with 1.5 pages of narrative. I was showing, but somehow I was still telling.

I did learn a lot about my main character, Fiella, in writing those words. But I ended up cutting the narrative into bits and changing parts into dialog or direct action. Example: in ver. 1, the reader learns from Fiella’s thoughts and actions that her travel pack is already in the cart, but in ver. 2, she carries the bag to the cart and puts it in, giving me the chance to more closely describe the shop where she works as she does so. Crazy, what a simple tweak can do.



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