Gifts of the Elven has been moving along well. On writing days (5 or 6 days/week – remember I’m a football fan) I’ve been averaging about 1700-3500 words per day. I am struggling with the approach to the climax, but the struggle seems to be yielding some good stuff nevertheless. Having my roomie here to read each scene as I finish it has been an enormous blessing. For an example, I wrote a scene with the intention of making it creepy, and when I gave it to her and she started to read, she gave a scared shiver. Instant feedback!

I have 93,073 words now, and I expect it to come in under 100K. My characters are changing as they should, one of them drastically (but for the better). I’ve enjoyed the few scenes I’ve had with characters from Dragonfly, but this is mostly about new, if related, characters. My roomie loathes my bad guy, but I feel kind of sorry for him. That happens when you spend time in a character’s point of view! Also, if you read this one, you’ll get to see some more dragons.

Once I finish Gifts, I plan to finish the last of the appendices for Dragonfly. When that is done, I’ll post them online for anyone who’s interested. I mentioned these back in May. They’re just personal vignettes, not stories in the classical sense. I’m a closet romantic, so two of them involve how Celia and Falin meet and win their spouses. The third is an expanded account of Arla’s and Sefal’s reconciliation after Falin comes home, and the fourth is basically a summary of Sefal’s life before Dragonfly begins. That last one is the one I’m stuck on, because I’m at the part where his life is drastically changed for the worst (no spoilers here), and I really don’t want to write it. It will be so hard, even knowing it all came out right in the end.



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