Those of you who follow me on Facebook have been seeing this tale of woe as it unfolded, so you might want to skip this.

My old hosting service was bought out by another company. I didn’t realize this until I tried to get some help. I wanted to make my main page part of my WordPress, so my WordPress installation had to be moved. That’s when I found out that my only option to get help was chat, that the people in chat wouldn’t listen to me, and that the people in chat didn’t know much. After a bitter week of many chat sessions and total frustration piled upon frustration (at one point I was literally in tears), my site was worse off than it was before. Totally useless mess.

Obviously, I changed hosts. But I still had the same problem, and neither BlueHost nor could/would help me with it. (BlueHost at least tried.)

Finally, I copy/pasted all the words from the pages and the posts, downloaded the media, and made notes or screen caps of all my preferences. Then I tested the WordPress installation for BlueHost, where I ran into another problem. A short chat fixed that, however. Once I could see that worked, I deleted my old blog. That’s right. What you’re seeing is a rebuilding of the site, page by page, post by post, plug-in by plug-in. I only lost one thing (a comment on football – sorry, Pam!). It took two days of concentrated effort, but at last here it is.



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