A little update post.

I’m more popular than I thought. Of course, that’s not hard, since I thought no one, absolutely no one, was looking at this blog except my good friend Betty (who has been kind enough to comment). For the first time, however, I took a peek at the stats. You know how it is when you dread something, so you avoid it, hoping you won’t have to face it? That was me. As usual, the truth was better than my fears. I’m not even close to being popular, but people are visiting!

With Gifts of the Elven going to beta readers, I’m hoping that I can send it to my publisher soon. I hope that will bump The Path of the Dragonfly a little higher in the queue. I’ve been waiting to see that in print since December. Because it’s the best novel I’ve written, according to my roomie, I want to promote Dragonfly. I have a Facebook presence now, so that will be a start. I’m going to invest some dollars, too. I plan to buy some bookmarks and scatter them hither and yon. I also plan to boost the Facebook launch post. And I also plan to purchase some print copies: my roomie has three people who want to read it and don’t have an ebook reader, plus I want two for my local libraries. And if I get to do a signing or reading, I’ll want some to sell.

My publisher has a good reason for having held Dragonfly for so long. She’s been overwhelmed. First it was changes to the website and existing books, and then, a few weeks ago, the site was hit with a DOS attack and hacked. My publisher has had to reconstruct the site. It’s been awful. One of the things that came out of it is that she will be switching all of us to the Kindle Direct Publishing model. Her stats say sales are best there. I’ll be sorry to lose any readers that have Nooks or Kobos, but nothing is perfect, and if it’ll improve sales, I’ll go along cheerfully. She’s treated me too well for me to complain.



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  • I know the feeling. I put a few hundred words into the Lone Oak Newsletter every week and only one person has ever said anything to me about it. She said she liked it, etc and that was good but then I’m obsessing about “Does no one else say any thing because they don’t like it, think it’s awful, just plain don’t agree with my point of view and refuse to read ‘that garbage’ and then don’t say anything to me so as to not hurt my feelings or start an argument. ” Peggy routinely tells me folks read my article, titled ‘Alternative Opinion’ and like it. But then she also often reminds me to ‘remember your audience’ and I’m like: So I should cut out the science stuff cause it’s hard or something or not try to make folks think? Sigh. The writers life is a lonely one I’ve heard, and “they” whoever the heck “they” are, are right. Fortunately, I’m a loner by nature and choice.

    • I read it! And enjoy it! It’s different, always interesting – it’s the first, and sometimes the only, thing I read in the newsletter.

      • That’s good to hear! Glad you like it. Peggy told me a week or so ago that one old codger called up complaining about that ‘young whipper snapper’ trying to tell folks what to do! He, he. I dedicated a whole Alt Op to that.
        The problem I keep having though is what to HAVE an alternate opinion about! Which is why I’m so often writing about Global Warming and Environmental stuff.
        Thanks again for letting me know you read my article!

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