In the past 21 months, I’ve completed four books of 155K, 135K, 136K, and 77K words, without working hard enough to stress me out. I sometimes worry that fellow writers in the Facebook and Nano writing groups I belong to might get pissed at how fast I write. I know I get envious of some of… Read More

A little update post. I’m more popular than I thought. Of course, that’s not hard, since I thought no one, absolutely no one, was looking at this blog except my good friend Betty (who has been kind enough to comment). For the first time, however, I took a peek at the stats. You know how… Read More

I’ve been out of touch because I was focused on finishing The Education of Rojin. Today I added the last words, and it’s finished. Me and my characters can now celebrate! At about 77K words, it’s by far the shortest of the Vale stories. I’m hoping that will make it more attractive to the casual reader.… Read More

Recently, in one of the Facebook writers’ groups I’m in, I read a post by a person who was really upset at the idea that, to quote the most famous example, “The first draft of anything is sh*t.” She took that literally and was upset at the idea that she should spend her time and… Read More

I’m off to a good start on this first day of camp. Not only did I write 2805 words, but those words are a pretty good introduction of my two MCs. Not only that, but I created a cover for the book. Of course this is just temporary, as my publisher will have a pro… Read More