In the past 21 months, I’ve completed four books of 155K, 135K, 136K, and 77K words, without working hard enough to stress me out. I sometimes worry that fellow writers in the Facebook and Nano writing groups I belong to might get pissed at how fast I write. I know I get envious of some of… Read More

Those of you who follow me on Facebook have been seeing this tale of woe as it unfolded, so you might want to skip this. My old hosting service was bought out by another company. I didn’t realize this until I tried to get some help. I wanted to make my main page part of… Read More

I took a little vacation from writing, and spent lots of fun hours with my Playstation and an old favorite, Kingdom Hearts. But now I’m back to work. I’ve finished the rewrite on The Path of the Dragonfly (until the rest of my beta readers send me their comments, that is), so now I’m tackling… Read More

Skip this if philosophical brain-doodling bores you. 🙂 I get a bit exasperated whenever I read about some organization, often our government (which has all our tax dollars to play with), that spent a great deal of money on studies to prove something that everyone already knows to be true. Common sense is no substitute… Read More