I’m trying not to brag. No, really, I am trying! I realize that my writing output has gone crazy in the past year, largely because I’m retired. But – I set my Camp goal at 30,000 words. I passed that on the 17th, I think, so I reset it to 50,000. Today I validated… Read More

I wrote the last line of Gifts of the Elven just now. A total of 218 pages, 134,905 words. Everybody lives happily ever after, except the bad guy, of course. Wow. I’m exhausted. But Camp Nanowrimo is in April, so I have to pull up my boots and truck on. I’m beginning a third Vale… Read More

Camp Nanowrimo opened this week! Naturally I signed up, and I’m hoping to get the rest of my friends from the Tea & Chocolates group to join me in my cabin. I plan to start my third Vale novel this year. (More about that later.)    … Read More

Nano, day 11, and I only have 8,488 words. I need 8,819 more just to catch up with my goal. Aaaagh! This was on my Facebook feed. I’m a long way from here with my current WIP, but boy, did I feel this way when I wrote the last sentence of The Path of the… Read More

National Novel Writing Month is now 45 minutes old. Many Nano writers begin their novels at midnight, but me, I’m going to bed so that I’ll be fresh and ready to go tomorrow. I’ll be doing another fantasy this year. By request, I am doing a sequel to The Path of the Dragonfly. The title… Read More