Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing

ISBN: 9781921314407
ASIN: B003Z9K92C
Five stories of fantasy and wonder:

  • The Sow’s Ear – Janell the sorceress specializes in lifting curses, but her latest customer may be more than she can handle.
  • Thief from Thief – In this sequel to “The Sow’s Ear”, Janell must save herself and a handsome thief from a powerful foe.
  • Friends in Spite – Elianne is a secret vampire, but she’s threatened with exposure by the depredations of one of her own kind who has gone mad. Her companion, the soldier Trevia, helps her with the dangerous solution.
  • Just Until Sun-Up – Karra the minstrel has hitched a ride with the witch Neieki, but they get robbed and lose the cart and horses. However, the horses are not the ordinary animals they seem.
  • The Sun God’s Reading – At a school where the gods teach the classes, Yula wins the annual contest and gets her wish, that Apollo would read her poems to her. But, as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

The first story, “The Sow’s Ear”, was originally published in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s anthology series, Sword and Sorceress XI.

Greenspell is an imaginative journey to a variety of different worlds.

“…a stunning collection of magical short stories”, and “No matter the tale, Kathy Ann Trueman can tell it mesmerizingly. Her tales draw the reader in with action and thrills mixed with a healthy dose of fun and humor.”
Readers Favorite

“The only thing wrong with this book as far as I’m concerned was that it ended too soon.”