Recently, in one of the Facebook writers’ groups I’m in, I read a post by a person who was really upset at the idea that, to quote the most famous example, “The first draft of anything is sh*t.” She took that literally and was upset at the idea that she should spend her time and… Read More

Below is what I like to think of as my Editor’s Prayer ~ There are so many ways that an author can blow it, even the best authors, never mind me. But since you don’t want to sit here counting the ways, I’m only going to talk about one – putting too many details in the… Read More

This is some good advice, which I’ve been following without realizing it. When I write, the story is all-important. In fact, I think of it with caps, as The Story. Everything feeds The Story or is shoved aside. I am not a person who keeps an “ideal” writer in mind. I write stories that I… Read More

It’s 3 AM on July 7th. I just finished the edit/rewrite of The Path of the Dragonflies. Or is it Dragonfly? I’m too sleepy to remember. (Note to self – fix that. Pick a title and stick with it.) I have plenty to do tomorrow. I’m going to re-set my Camp Nanowrimo goal and do… Read More