I’m trying not to brag. No, really, I am trying! I realize that my writing output has gone crazy in the past year, largely because I’m retired. But – I set my Camp goal at 30,000 words. I passed that on the 17th, I think, so I reset it to 50,000. Today I validated… Read More

I wrote the last line of Gifts of the Elven just now. A total of 218 pages, 134,905 words. Everybody lives happily ever after, except the bad guy, of course. Wow. I’m exhausted. But Camp Nanowrimo is in April, so I have to pull up my boots and truck on. I’m beginning a third Vale… Read More

Camp Nanowrimo opened this week! Naturally I signed up, and I’m hoping to get the rest of my friends from the Tea & Chocolates group to join me in my cabin. I plan to start my third Vale novel this year. (More about that later.)    … Read More

Nano, day 11, and I only have 8,488 words. I need 8,819 more just to catch up with my goal. Aaaagh! This was on my Facebook feed. I’m a long way from here with my current WIP, but boy, did I feel this way when I wrote the last sentence of The Path of the… Read More

I lost two days this week, so I’m behind in my word count, but I’m catching up. I wrote more than 3700 words yesterday! The story is starting to come together, thanks to the addition of a new character, Teeg, and a few twists that naturally I’m not going to share. I was puzzled and… Read More