Those of you who follow me on Facebook have been seeing this tale of woe as it unfolded, so you might want to skip this. My old hosting service was bought out by another company. I didn’t realize this until I tried to get some help. I wanted to make my main page part of… Read More

I’ve finished my first 28 pages, and I’m ahead on my goal, but WOW has this been hard. I started this story three years ago, and not even Scrivener could prevent me from making huge errors. I was having characters take days to go 10 miles, or going 150 miles in a day. I had… Read More

I started working on my map today. I got a lot of false starts while I tried to get the hang of the program. It’s like Scrivener, very powerful, but a steep learning curve. It’s the 80/20 rule – 80% of the work is done by only 20% of the program. Anyway, here’s what I… Read More

I don’t know about other fantasy writers, but I need a map of my world to keep my story straight. There’s only one problem with that. I have no drawing talent at all. My maps look like they were done by a preschooler. Maybe worse than that. Today I hope to have taken the first… Read More

After much struggling – days of struggling – I finally got my blog into Thank God for instructional videos! I’m really happy, because it has some cool plug-ins. I’ll have to do a major rewrite on my main site, because a lot of what’s there is now here. One of the great features is… Read More