A little update post. I’m more popular than I thought. Of course, that’s not hard, since I thought no one, absolutely no one, was looking at this blog except my good friend Betty (who has been kind enough to comment). For the first time, however, I took a peek at the stats. You know how… Read More

Now that I’ve finished Gifts of the Elven, the second book set in the Vale, I realized that I should let my publisher know that this will be a series. Series apparently sell better, and marking the books as part of a series is a good marketing idea. So now I have Stories from the… Read More

The Path of the Dragonfly has been submitted to my publisher, as of about 2 minutes ago. I always have mixed feelings about this step in the process. On one hand, I have put my beloved child out of the house and into the cold, cruel world. On the other, someone might read it and… Read More

It’s 3 AM on July 7th. I just finished the edit/rewrite of The Path of the Dragonflies. Or is it Dragonfly? I’m too sleepy to remember. (Note to self – fix that. Pick a title and stick with it.) I have plenty to do tomorrow. I’m going to re-set my Camp Nanowrimo goal and do… Read More