I am working on the following books:

Stories from the Vale, Book 1: The Path of the Dragonfly
100% Complete
100 of 100 percent

The Path of the Dragonfly is about a world-weary ex-soldier called Shak, who has spent many years trying to kill the man who was once his closest friend. His grandmother, a witch, sends him on a quest to find two children that he once abandoned, with the goal to return them to “where they belong”. As he gradually becomes attached to Falin and Celia, he discovers a plot by the “elves” (these elves are not Tolkien elves!) to kill two entire armies.

This book is finished and is now in the hands of my publisher.

If you’d like to know when the book comes out, you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Stories from the Vale, Book 2: Gifts of the Elven
100% Complete
100,000 of 100,000 words

Gifts of the Elven is a sequel to The Path of the Dragonfly. Magical powers, called gifts, are becoming more common in the Vale, and people who have them are distrusted and even hated. When Sefal’s grandson Arlin discovers he has a unique gift, wings, he panics and runs away. He meets a journeyman bookseller, a young woman named Fiella, and she takes him to the city of Safehold, where the Gifted are protected. They get some highly skilled help from Teeg, a veteran soldier. They need that help, because Arlin is being stalked by a cruel man who wants to use him for revenge on his grandfather. As it turns out, even Safehold isn’t safe.

If you’ve read The Path of the Dragonfly, you might want to know that several characters from that novel appear in this one, and so do River and his clan.

Gifts of the Elven is in the edit/re-write process now.

Stories of the Vale, Book 3: The Key to the Vale
32% Complete
37,963 of 120,000 words

The Key to the Vale is a portal tale. It returns the reader to the Vale in the company of two young American women who discover a portal to that world in an old Irish castle. They discover dragons, sea elves, and true love. But they also discover danger, and beyond that, they must decide what world they will live in. This is a decision they must make together, for the portal only works when both go through it.

35% Complete
35 of 100 percent

Redhand – There are two books in this series about the adventures of a young shaman and her friends (her spirit guide Uru the bear, her servant Jil, and the wizard Isom). In the first, she must imprison a demon that her master accidentally freed. In the second, her son is kidnapped, and she and her husband set out separately to rescue him. The first book is finished but needs plenty of rewriting. The sequel is about 1/4 done.

The Guardians (tentative title) is about a group of rangers whose task is to maintain the peace on the border, but who are betrayed by those they trusted most. This story is about 1/10 done. I am giving serious thought to setting it in the world of The Path of the Dragonfly, as the events in that book tie in neatly with the set up in this one.

The Dawn Dragon is about a blind priestess and an ambitious lord who, with their companions, are set against each other in their efforts to fulfill an ancient prophecy. This is about 1/2 done but needs heavy work.